CELERI – drone group control complex

Complex of connected devices in a swarm. Swarm acts according to the prescribed scenario.

CELERI is an adaptive product that solves stacks of tasks depending on the customer's field of activity.
Adaptability of the system is in using of different types of payload: photo and video cameras, laser scanners, thermal imagers, gas analyzers, container systems.

Applications: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, geodesy and cartography, security systems, energy.
Swarm - a group of drones united in network for joint task solving.

System composition:

Control center

Onboard equipment:
Compute server
Communication system
motion sensors

Software equipment:
Mission planning system
Mission control system (on board)
Set of systems on micro-service architecture


- the operator is present only at the time of creating tasks
-single mission formation center
- freely configurable group structure
- work autonomy of all group members
-individual action plan for each participant
- independent analysis of the received data and coordination of the results with the master device
- dynamic redefinition of tasks in the process of work


High speed data collection and processing


Possibility of automated decision making in real time


The possibility of automated detection and elimination of breakdowns in real time


The use of robotic force in hard-to-reach places and places of increased danger


High speed analysis of the terrain


Ensuring the continuous implementation of the task