31.10.2023 г. CESCA at CNews FORUM

On November 1, 2023, the CNews FORUM “Information Technologies Tomorrow” will be held.

At the CESCA exhibition, it will take part as a partner and present a new product – the integrated IoT platform ALIOT.

The CESCA demonstration stand is located in the Mussorgsky Hall at number 38.

27.09.2023 г. Rating “TOP-1000 Russian managers”

Every year, the leading Russian Association of Managers and the Kommersant Publishing House publish a ranking of the best TOP managers in Russia.

Evgeny Domozhirov, head of CESCA, is deservedly recognized as a laureate in the Information Technology category.

“We are honored to become laureates of the Top 1000 Russian Managers rating. Our goal is to continue to develop the company and contribute to the development of the IT industry,” noted Evgeniy.

16.09.2023 г. Hackathon “Cool Work” in collaboration with “Accelerator of Opportunities”

As part of the “Code of the Future” program from the “Sports Programming Federation”, from September 15 to 17 in the city of Kazan, competitions in sports programming are being held among students in grades 8 – 11.

The CESCA company, represented by CEO Evgeniy Domozhirov, took part in the event. As part of the hackathon, participants solve a case “Cool Work”.

The guys will have to develop a tool for interaction between students, teachers and parents. CESCA General Director Evgeniy Domozhirov is a judge of the Sports Programming Federation.

27.06.2023 г. Startup Academy. Business club “FOUNDERS”

CESCA is proud to announce its selection to the “Startup Academy”, a prestigious program of the FOUNDERS Business Club. Our team will represent and defend the innovative CELERI project,

which has great potential to solve today’s business challenges. We look forward to sharing experience and knowledge with other program participants.

This is an important step for CESCA and a confirmation of our goal to be at the forefront of technology innovation and development.

27.06.2023 г. Oil and Gas IT Summit

CESCA has held a number of successful meetings and consultations with industry representatives, discussing important IT issues and challenges facing companies in the oil and gas industry.

CESCA’s participation in the summit underlined its leadership role in the development of IT solutions for the oil and gas industry and its commitment to

partnering with industry leaders to achieve common goals.

26.05.2023 г. International Festival “Code of the World”

On May 24-28, the city of Grozny will host the first ever International Sports Programming Festival.

CEO Evgeny Domozhirov was invited as a judge of the competition.

More than 300 participants take part in the competition. Among them are representatives of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Mali, Oman, Uzbekistan, South Ossetia, Palestine and Egypt.

20.03.2023 г. CESCA received the status of a resident of the INTC MSU “Vorobyovy Gory”

As part of the cooperation, it is planned to actively develop project activities related to research and development of promising solutions.

The developments implemented jointly with the participants of the INTC Moscow State University “Vorobyovy Gory” will allow reaching new technological levels

to new technological levels and promoting unique solutions to new markets.

30.12.2022 г. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

CESCA team sincerely and wholeheartedly wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

We wish you happiness as immense as our Universe is boundless.

May the stars always shine brightly, and your cherished dreams come true.

17.12.2022 г. X-MAS HACK

The Accelerator of Opportunities at the INTC MSU “Vorobyovy Gory” organized
unique online hackathon.

As part of the hackathon, CESCA presented participants with a case study related to the distribution of resources within a swarm of drones.

02.12.2022 г. Aeronet congress

On December 2, CESCA specialists visited the annual forum of the Aeronet professional community.

Within the framework of the event, the issues of market and industry development,

as well as the tasks of technological development were discussed.

01.12.2022 г. Author program

The PRO BUSINESS TV channel aired an author’s program by CESCA – Computer science for life.

The first guest of the program was Lev Golitsyn, director of the Big Data Research Center at NUST MISIS.

Program host, CEO and founder of CESCA Evgeny Domozhirov.

01.12.2022 г. DemoDay of the program “Student Entrepreneurship”

On November 30, 2022, as part of Demo Day, CESCA CEO Evgeny Domozhirov announced to MISiS students

students related to the development of a system for secure wireless data transmission between members of a swarm of drones.

Students will deal with case solving within the CELERI product.

25.11.2022 г. CESCA 8 YEARS!

Today, October 13, CESCA turned 8 years old!

We have a lot of interesting projects and innovative solutions ahead.

25.11.2022 г. CESCA took part in the BRICS OPEN program

The BRICS OPEN international program provides an opportunity for technological products to enter the markets of Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

As part of the BRICS OPEN program, CESCA comes out with its innovative product – a complex for autonomous control of a group of unmanned devices.

25.11.2022 г. Russian Managers Association

Top managers of CESCA became official members of the Russian Managers Association.

Within the framework of cooperation with the leading business community, it is planned to expand business contacts.

25.11.2022 г. Webinar “Protection and backup of data in new realities”

CESCA specialists took part in an online event from Rubecap LLC dedicated to data protection and backup.

25.11.2022 г. Webinar Treolan and UTINET

CESCA specialists took part in a partner webinar dedicated to the review of UTINET equipment – a Russian manufacturer of servers, data storage systems and software.

25.11.2022 г. Webinar “Innovations in the construction of data storage system”

CESCA employees took part in an online event from Aiteco dedicated to the construction of data storage systems from Reidiks.

Industry experts shared their experience and talked about the positive aspects of building data storage system based on RAIDIX 5.X software and hybrid all-flash infrastructures.

These solutions provide sufficient reliability and high performance at the same time.

25.11.2022 г. Staffcop webinar

On April 14, CESCA specialists took part in a webinar from Staffcop Enterprise, which covered in detail the aspects of working with the company’s software package. The speaker was the leading analyst of the implementation department.

The webinar included:

  • Attributes in Staffcop
  • Dictionaries in Staffcop
  • Regular Expressions

And a lot of other useful information for partners and customers.

25.11.2022 г. Successes of HC CESCA

Players of the CESCA hockey team took 3rd place in the “Silver” playoffs.

The team of the company sincerely congratulates our athletes and wishes them good luck in future competitions!

25.11.2022 г. Webinar from Kramer

CESCA specialists took part in a webinar dedicated to Kramer installation solutions – plug-in modules for cable connections and active wall panels.

The online event showcased a range of products featuring the latest solutions.