Server rack climate monitoring and access control system AURA

Designed to track access parameters and monitor climatic conditions in a server cabinet.

To implement monitoring, sensors are connected to the controller, the signals provide a prompt response to emergency situations. The AURA-MS-CTR controller instantly sends data from sensors to the system server. Maintenance personnel promptly receive information about incidents by means of warning through the software interface.

The system converts all received data into electronic archives in the form of visual tables and graphs.


commercial data centers, corporate data centers, hosting data centers.

Product Features:

Monitoring of the climatic state of the server cabinet
Control and management of access to the server cabinet


Easily manage the system from a web browser by navigating to the IP address or FQDN of the system


Intuitive interface


Flexible adaptation to customer needs


The versatility of the scope of use


Lower total cost of ownership of the system through continuous monitoring of energy consumption


Ability to synchronize with customer systems